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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Tuesday Night

I went to Ballard, it was a first for me, Ballard is near Woodland park Zoo and Greenlake...
I went to see a magic show. Three entertainers were entertaining.
Two magicians and a mentalist.
I invited some magic friends of mine, Jose Floresca, Mark Jensen and Chad Reibman.
The event is titled, "That's Impossible" and is held at Egans Ballard Jam House!
It is a small venue that holds about 45 people. I think on this night we had maybe 30 in attendance. There is a small stage and tables for patrons to sit at and enjoy a fine meal and a brew or mixed drink.
The emcee and fellow that invited me is long time magician, Tony Comito.
Tony did an excellent job as emcee and his linking ring routien takes a backseat to no ones! Lance Cambell did a really nice mentalism act! Very professional;! And last but not least, and perhaps not even last was Rich Waters who did a fine stand up comedy magic act!
Since I am writing several days after the event, I willnot go into all that transpired, but I enjoyed the show, the venue and am always watching other acts to learn my craft. Not to take a trick from them per se, but am more into learnign what I think might work for me and what won't along the lines of being an entertainer.
One piece of one of the performers act involved slightly embarrssing n audience member up on stage by handingher pieces of rope, and a she reached for them, he would drop them. He did this on four seperate occasions. The first two, well... O.K> I was hoping that on the third one maybe the lady helper would drop it before he could grab it as she was handing them back to him, or perhaps he could have missed them as she handed them back to him turning the whole "gag" full circle on himself.
I don't like embarrassing my helpers. It is hard enough getting good people to come up and when you purposely make them look stupid, well, it really doesn't endear them to you, in my not so humble opinion.
I especially would not want this as an entertainer if I am sharing the stage with other performers that will be following my act. I might inadvertently turn them against any following entertainers.
Another performer this night was the walk around magic of David Rudd. Man he has blossomed as an entertainer and card technician. This is great to see how David's hard work is paying off! And, David is one of the genuinely nice guys!
I had another reason for being there, Tony wanted to buy one of my magic tables. I brought five for him to choose from. He selected a nice red one with a suede top!
He will love using it for his highly polished three shell game!


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