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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mario Lorenz &

Bigfoot Clown Alley, last Tuesday night was our alleys monthly meeting, we invited Mario Lorenz, (http://www.leapfrogentertainment.com/Artists/Big/MarioLorenz/MarioLorenz.htm)a semi famous Seattle area (Actually lives in Tacoma) Mime to come and be our guest.
He was very wonderful!
Makes you really want to push yourself to be around top notch performers and entertainers!
You can tell when someone has doing their craft for a long time and is having fun at it, having fun at it, having fun at it... sounds like a broken record, doesn't it... actually that is probably the most valuable thing I took from the teaching with Mario, he was having fun, with bits of business and byplay. Having fun, how do you do that when you are working so hard to know where you are going when you perform? How about a road map? Develop your routine and patter so that it is a road map for you to follow. Learn it extremely well by performing often, and then when you have it down, you can get side tracked and still find your way back to the road and your final destination. By side tracked I mean, that you can interact with your audience, off the cuff, or ad lib as it were. This means you must know your path so well, that to go "off road" for a short detour will not throw you off your performance, and in fact, this ability will enhance you and your show! It makes your audience feel special and that you tailored this show just for them.
It takes work and practice to get to this level. It takes many shows and possible failings too.
But if you (Me) can maintain a light heart as you go thru that process, man O man! What a time you will have!
Mario reminded me of this, Have Fun!

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