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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Phat Boy

Well, not really, but I am sure outta shape, well, round is a shape! :)
Just been a lot more sedate lately, this computer makes one stay seated more than ever before. Not motivated to work out, I need too, but am not motivated...
I golfed yesterday with an old friend, Steve Ameden. He is 55 years old and slender. A Seattle police officer and amateur magician. We went to West Seattle golf course. Not the longest track in the world, but it was pretty nasty to walk it, which we both did... Up hills, down hills, side hills, and the hills have eyes... tall wet grass, and some mud to boot... I shot a 94, and by the end of the round... I was pretty sore, my neck, my groin muscles, my calves and well, I was glad to get home, take a shower and get some sleep.
West Seattle is a tough track, I wanna go back in the summer and play it again.
Got so much i want to learn magically, and don't feel like putting in the effort. It's an old syndrome amongst magicians. Kind of like biting off more than you can chew, or the eyes are bigger than the belly.
Recently a fellow worker has been coming by and spending some time with me magically speaking. Off and on... he is coming along nicely, but he is starting to push me, it's funny to me, I bought some juggling balls a few years back, haven't done anything with them, but now he is challenging me to get with it. The other night I picked them, and picked them up, and picked them up... that's just my way of saying, I dropped them, I dropped them, I dropped them, and I picked them up and picked them up, and so it goes... His name is Al, and he is working on some cigarette vanishes and reappearances. He wants to incorporate them into his hot rod routines... again, he is pushing me. Pretty cool in some ways, but in others... hmm, sometimes I value my alone time at work, shhh, don't tell him, it is actually good to be pushed!


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