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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


That's what he called it... fidgeting... His name is Rick Anderson, he is a Seattle area magician that lives in Tacoma... I have been learning some magic from him, but alas... Rick is WAY out of my league. Rick has been doing magic for about fifty years... It shows! Smooth, relaxed, accomplished, something I aspire to be! Fidgeting, is how he explained it, what he meant is that he fidgets with cards, coins and the like... so maybe if I fidget with things for the next forty years...
Man I have been pressing, pushing, trying to be magical, but when I am around an accomplished master like Rick, or Steve Dobson... I truly see how far I have to go. Makes me want to quit, give up... but on the other hand, I sometimes am thrown a bone! I recently received an email from a young man in Nova Scotia who watched my Promo video, He said he is nowhere in my league... what is one to think?! :)
My friends tell me to see how far I've come... It is difficult when I am around maestro's!


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