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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Turned

51, as I type it has rolled over into a new day...
I had a great Saturday event that I performed for a home school coop of about 150 people.
A small packed room at the Redmond Marriott!
They had supplied a small platform stage and it was really nice!
The young people, ages 14-18 were all dressed to the nines. It was a formal fro them. I was the evenings entertainment! What a responsibility. It is funny being "the guy" all of a sudden. As I prepare for the event, I wonder if they are going to loosen up and have fun.
Man it was a home run! Beautiful young ladies in evening gowns, the young men dressed in suits and ties... and then this old guy dressed in a jacket and vest! :)
I did an hour show which may have went ten minutes long... we were just having too much fun cuttin' up.
One young lady, about 17 said after the show that her jaw still hurts from laughing so much!
Now that is the testimonial you want to hear.
And the Magic wasn't bad either!
It is interesting to talk with people afterwards, inevitably someone comes and says they know how you did this or that. One young fellow mentioned that he used to do magic and knew how the Professors Nightmare would work, he said it was awesome though and that he couldn't do it...
Another young lady remarked that her brother does some magic, "but nowhere near as good as you..."
I really enjoy the after part of the show. I get to learn what works and what might not work, also, sometimes when performing it seems like "they are catching on," but in reality, they aren't! It was nice to have a handful of parents (Chaperones) in the room as well. I often think that they think it is gong to be "just for the kids."
Nothing could be further from the truth! It is really great when they come up to you after the show and tell you how much fun they had too.
I performed a few close up effects afterwards for some of the people mingling about.
Sometimes, and I am finding this to be the case a lot lately, this is just as, or more powerful than the "stage" show!
Oh what fun it is!


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