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Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Not What You Know...

Sometimes it's WHO you know...
I did a walk around show tonight in Woodinville Washington. It was a gig I "bid" on via an email sent out by an amateur magician that I met years ago while attending sessions at Tom Franks home. I also met Glenn at several Magic lectures off and on over the years.
About three or four months ago, Glenn sent out an email to many magicians looking for a walk around sleight of hand artist for his 9th grade daughters graduation celebration. I placed a bid and last night was the fruition of the work.
The event was held at a unique venue. An old farm house, known as "Lord Hills
It is a really nice venue. A live band was playing, a magician was strolling about, (Me!) ping pong, putt putt golf, both those events were in the loft.
Great food and nicely dressed young men and women!
I arrived early, not because I wanted to, just because I leave early in the event of slow traffic.
Oh my, young people... kind of a scary age group to perform close up magic for... that is until I blow them away with a nice trick or two, then they are eager and willing participants. laughing and elbowing each other!
Unbelievable, No way! those are statements they say often!
Rubber bands, cards, silks, and magical paddles... paper clips and coins... a magicians warehouse in my pockets...
I feel like I am loaded for bear when I go stroll about, because I am!
I feel like an old West gunslinger, one who has more pistols and bullets on him than you at first realize...Blam, card on ceiling... Blam it's back in their hands...
Blam, Blam, Blam.. smiles all about!
And they pay me for this too... oh my!

I had an inside track to the gig because I have always treated Glenn with respect. He is a few years older than me and a lawyer, he is a pretty good magician too.
It never hurts to treat people the way you want to be treated! :)
I had a blast!


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