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Thursday, June 10, 2010

No News is Good News

don't know why I haven't been blogging lately... tired, old, magic, life...
Worked last weekend, getting ready for a few magic gigs coming up. A nice walk around gig for some 9th graders up in Woodinville, a two hour gig next Thursday. The following Saturday, the 26th I will be performing for an 18 year old birthday party in Kirkland. I know the boys father thru work. He is a really nice man and we hit it off great, he is a Christan too. I have impressed him with some close up magic and the promo video doesn't hurt either!
The following Tuesday is an afternoon gig for a senior center in Puyallup... this will be my third visit there in about a year... wonder what I can do new that will astonish them?
I have several things in the works but haven't been hitting them as hard as I should. Things like Gazzo's Tossed out Deck. Electrical Artlet, Billy Balloon, and Deans Box, not to mention something called The Wellington Switchboard.
Wow, if I learned all those and polished them up... I would have a whole nother act!
A few weeks ago my wife and daughter and I spent a few days relaxing in the liquid sunshine of Washington states finest...
Our church body always does something called Family Camp at a Y M C A camp known as Camp Bishop. It is a little lake known as Lost Lake, every year we seem to find it though!
It is always a fun time. Even though the weekend was mostly rainy, we stretched a tarp over the camp fire and everyone enjoyed themselves.
It is June 10th and the weather here is still pretty cold ans wet. Yesterday we had some really nice thunderstorms. They shook the house as I was sleeping.
Summer and fishing are just around the corner, got to get the boat out. My neighbor Andy is always about two or three months ahead of me in that department!


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