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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Least I Could Do

Yesterday our pet dog Cub died.
We talked about burying him in the back yard behind our fence, the land behind our fence is still my property, just that it is a big hill and I built the fence to keep basketballs from rolling down it, and having to go retrieve them became a hassle.
Anyway, yesterday we decided to take our dog somewhere for what? Disposal?
We thought perhaps this would be easier in that w were worried that animals might dig him up and dismember him. These thoughts are unpalatable to Katie and us...
This morning I spoke with Katie and said that it is her decision, but that I am very willing to dig a grave and bury him here on our property. She liked this idea so that is what I did. I also proposed the idea of getting a small head stone marker for him so that she will have a place to grieve and visit and relive his memory.
It Is The Least I can do for my daughter.
I think a burial and a short ceremony will help her have some closure. Her wounds and hurt are so fresh right now. Her emotions extremely raw. Katie is a lover of animals as most girls are.

This is very painful for her. Maybe this digging of a grave and burial is for me as well. Something physical I can do to help her in some small way, and thereby help myself?
I guess in some weird way, digging that hole yesterday warmed me up for the one I dug today.
Since writing the above, we buried Cub and Katie did some of the shoveling. I do not know if this is helping or not. She mentioned how he was her everything. Someone (?) just for her, I am crying as I type knowing her loss. Feeling her pain and the missing of someone special in her life. The instantaneous "nothing" that is there.
She is a level headed "woman" and will be fine in a while.
It just hurts so much when you love someone as I do my daughter and cannot take away their pain.


Blogger Gerry said...

Hi Tim, I'm very sorry to hear about your dog. Losing a pet is almost like losing one of the family. My condolences to your daughter too.

5:11 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Thank you Gerry, I just finished dinner, walked down stairs and half expected to see him at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me expectantly... you are right. it is almost like losing a family member.
You keep having the oddest experiences for some time.

7:02 PM  
Blogger markjens said...

Tim, you're a good guy - just make sure and express the same things to Katie as you do in the blog and you'll both be fine. Sometimes kids need to know that we don't think their emotions over a pet are 'childish.' They need to know that we love 'em too, you know? I think you did a wonderful thing for her and with her, and she'll not forget that. Her grief is raw right now, as is yours - but the healing is almost miraculous. Please give her our best and convey our best Happy New Year to the whole family, will you?


5:46 PM  

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