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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lots happening 2

With the children (and I use the term loosely as they are all adults now, well, almost!) It has been a wonderful time. Shopping with Ryan at R E I. Watching television and football games, keeping the refrigerator stocked and the cars fueled up. Just three days of work left before holiday!
Friends coming over this Friday to celebrate Christmas eve.
I purchased a new toy, it is called a Big Green Egg.
I have been wanting one of these for a year or so... ever since my father in laws original Kamado fell into dis repair. The one we found in his garage after his death was made out of clay. It was somewhere near fifty years old and the heat of bbqing with it and the cold winters here in the Pacific NorthWet and all the dampness didn't bode well for it's survival... SO....
I sold our old asteroids machine, (18 years in the family) and used the money to help offset the cost of a new BGE (Big Green Egg)...
I picked it up after church Sunday, and Monday fired it up and enjoyed some really good (Amazingly good) hamburgers!
Now our son informs me that we should "do prime rib" for the Christmas eve party.
I looked at him, and while agreeing with him couldn't help throw a barb his way saying, "it's sure easy to spend other people's money." I said it with a wink, but I have to agree...
The McDowell's are our oldest friends and we spend every Christmas eve, and most New Years eve's with them. They have treated us well at their home at the Ocean and honestly, you cannot take it with you!


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