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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve doins'

Big test today for me and the new Big Green Egg!
I bought a nine pound Prime Rib roast.

Bone in...
I got a recipe off the Internet. We have company coming over and we are going to have a feast!
I purchased an electronic meat thermometer and magically it arrived today How cool is that!?
Well we'll see how cool it is if the heat and cooking temps all come together.
My wife is a bit worried about all this. the roast was expensive and I have not had any eggsperience doing a roast.
I have been told that it is difficult to over cook anything on the Big Green Egg.
I will soon know!
As you can see, the Prime rib roast turned out stellar!
it had a wonderful flavor and everyone enjoyed it. We had just enough, lucky a couple canceled at the last minute!
We spent the evening with our friends the McDowells.
It was a great time of food, family, fellowship and fun...
The young girls, Katie and Jenni had decided to exchange gifts, they decided to make it a challenge as each of them wrapped their gifts to each other using duct tape, glue, string, rope, zip locks, and any number of other difficult contrivances.
it was hilarious to watch them open these gifts, they were not allowed to use any tools such as scissors, only their hands and teeth.
Jenni won the competition as she was able to get her gift opened way before Katie. Katie took around a half hour of concentrated effort.
We enjoyed some great laughter as several of us played a fun game called Balderdash. If you have never heard of this game, I highly recommend you get it an play it. It is hilarious! But only if you like laughter....


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