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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Table

Last weekend I traveled to Vashon Island to see my Cousin Larry and two of my other Cousins...
While visiting with them it was mentioned that our Grand Father, Lawrence Owen Flynn had built a desk for each of his children. The desk for my family would have been passed down thru my father. Some where along the line, this desk has disappeared.
My cousins, Cindy and Diane have theirs from their mother Carol, my Aunt.
I guess no one in their family wants the desk, it is not a very pretty thing, but it was hand crafted by my grand father and my children and their children's great grand father.
They gave the desk to our mutual Cousin Larry. He actually does not want it either as the space to slide a chair underneath is rather tight.
So, I said I would take it and refurbish it, so to speak.
Today I drove to Vashon Island via ferry boat and picked up the desk. I enjoyed the trip to Larry's home and we had a nice conversation for about an hour.
Here is that desk.

As you can see it has been painted a creamy beige color. It is also a roll top desk.
Probably built in the 60's.
It will take some time and effort to properly dismantle and make this thing look great.
I will try.


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