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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vashon Island

Saturday was a fun filled day on Vashon Island.

Two cousins of mine drove from Idaho to visit our Cousin Larry who has a beautiful place on Vashon Island. Actually he owns and operates a small guest house.
He built the guest house as well as refurbished the existing A frame structure.
Carpentry runs in our family as our grand father was a carpenter as well as my father and my brother John as well.
I have a few small skill in that dept. as well.
Anyway, Joan, Ryan and I arrived at Larry's place about 11;00 A.M.
We met up with Cindy, who I haven't seen in 39 years, and her sister Diane.

Hooked up with Larry who had to go do some charitable work for a few hours, so the rest of us went into town after a brief visit. We ate lunch at a wonderful restaurant called the Red Bicycle. I can heartily recommend the Clam Chowder. I ordered the Portabello mushroom burger. I was disappointed that when it arrived there was no meat on it. Geesh, what was I thinking? :)
I ordered a plain hamburger patty and chowed down.
Larry was able to break away from his duties and join us for lunch. As they had all heard about my magical endeavors, I knew it would be just short while before I would need to prove that I actually have some.
I didn't disappoint.
I think Ryan and Joan were not interested in it much as they have been around it and me long enough, but My cousins sure enjoyed the entertainment.

We did some shopping in various 'stores' on Vashon Islands main street. Visiting some stores looking for bargains and various other sundries.
Everywhere we went people knew my cousin Larry. He is the local bus driver and meets everyone, he is an outgoing person and gives love wherever he travels.

Walked along the beach and just simply enjoyed the day.
I am somewhat mad at myself for not visiting Larry and Vashon Island before this.
We had such a great time I will definitely be going back soon.


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