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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Disappointed in myself

Renton High School is celebrating it's 100 year centennial. This is an amazing accomplishment. I heard that because the building is now a hundred years old, it is an historic landmark...
I haven't been back to see the old high school since graduating. It was a lot of fun actually. I got on the committee putting on the event. I wanted to perform my magic show at the Ikea Performing Arts building, but that didn't happen. So... I helped in other ways. I did get to perform walk around magic
for the alumni as they mingled around during the Saturday event. Later that evening I also performed more formal walk around magic during the awards dinner.

Many alums were being honored for athletic awards or recognition of achievement.
Renton High School had never done this. No Renton High School "hall of Famers." Now there is!
The reason I am disappointed in myself is that I set up for my stand up show. I brought all my magic apparatus including my microphone and speaker system. But as I was looking around the room, at the set up of the place, I felt that It was not a good lay out for me. So I did do a lot of walk around or table hopping magic. I had a lot of fun and as I watched the portion of the evening that was when the honorees received their awards, I realized that the set up would have worked fine.
My challenge was a feeling of uneasiness because no would be announcing me, and I felt this nagging feeling that it would be like "tooting my own horn."
The next day while attending church, I kept beating myself up over the lost opportunity to perform. I felt like I stole from myself and my fellow alums. We could have had a BLAST. A lot of laughter and memories. But I guess I chickened out or something...
I didn't share my magical gifts.

I hope I have learned something from this.


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