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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Time With Magic

Saturday arrived and I was a bit anxious...
Not for any normal reasons one might think... more in the fact that I had two magic gigs that day and had no "Moto" as my marine son would say.
I had a show at a bank in Federal way at 2pm. Mostly for children and I hadn't really done my homework the week before... no moto... later that evening, at 7:30 pm I had a magic gig in a private home. This was an interesting gig as I had done one for someone I work with and he had a friend at that show and this friends mom always has a Halloween party and I was to be the main attraction. Again, for some weird reason I can't put my finger on, I had no motivation. I struggled all week trying to practice the effects I would be performing at these particular shows.
At the last minute, like the night before, I pulled out a video of one on my best children's performances and watched it. It was very helpful.
I arrived at the bank early, set up, moved some tables and chairs etc. I did not bring out my microphone and speaker set up as it looked like it would be a small turn out... boy was I wrong. seemed everyone showed up about 2:30 and there was about 60 people there. I rocked the house and we had a grand time. The woman that hired me was ecstatic! So was I! Laughter and smiles all around!
I handed out several business cards by request afterward and hopefully it will turn into some repeat business for me.
I had couple of hours to kill so I went to eat some dinner as I hadn't eaten and knew that I would need some fuel for the evening adventure.
I arrived at the peoples home about 45 minutes before "showtime" and set up my table and props. This time I made sure to set up my speaker and microphone... I finished setting up in plenty of time to do some pre show close up magic for people here and there. I finally settled in at a small table with about 8-10 people sitting around finishing up on their meals. It was a nice intimate affair. Wasn't long and the laughter and clapping filled the area and more people ambled on over to see what all the commotion was about.
I was holding court. Later as I reflected upon this moment in time I was able to realize that this was probably the first time I was totally relaxed sharing my card magic with so many people. Now there's a good word for me to latch onto... Sharing, Yes, that is it. That is what made the difference this night. I was simply sharing something I love with people. it seemed that no sooner was I about to finish up 'here" and get on with my stand up act, when someone new would arrive and ask me to do something for them. I quickly searched my brain for something that would "top" or at least equal what I had already done. This was rather difficult as I had been doing some fantastic effects already. It seems, especially with the ladies, that if you have one sign a card and give it away as a souvenir, that they all want one.
I had done a couple of sets of three, as I like to call them, with an encore effect thrown in. So maybe seven card tricks for various people in this growing, small crowd.
I finished with my friend Tom Frank's tricky wallet. It was a great ending to a wonderful beginning of the evening!
I then went over to the corner where I had set up shop so to speak. Launched into my stand up show and rocked the house.
The show lasted almost an hour and afterwards, as I was sort of cleaning up and tearing down, several young people in their twenties grabbed me and i did some coin magic for them.
I think by this time I could have told them the sun and moon had traded places and they would have believed me. So my coin 'set' which is a constant work in progress, and which I do not share with many was pretty darn good. I had them laughing and enjoying and believing...
I rocked !