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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Emperors New Clothes (Stylin'!)

Boeing bribed us employees with 5000 dollars to accept a new contract almost a year before our old contract expired. This was last November, right before December which is Christmas time. I was apposed to the contract offer, but I did not get to vote as I am a "Beck objector" which means I do not agree with the political arm of our union. The way they spend it's members money on political activities. I am still a union member but do not have full rights because I choose to not allow any of my union dues money to go to what our union calls "Non Partisan Political league." However, our union only votes Democrat which is totally liberal and against many of my beliefs.
So, any way, we at Boeing got a lump sum payment of $5000.00. I call it a bribe. Our union went behind it's members back to meet secretly with the Boeing counter parts to get this done. Gotta love Unions, just like Democrats, all believing they know what's best for the people but do not want the people's input.
So I decided to enjoy the money as best I could. I spent about oh, I don't know 2-3 thousand on Christmas gifts for everyone and then....

I went to Men's Wearhouse and spent a couple of Thousand on new clothes for me!
Three suits, a nice overcoat for wearing over the suit in the cold weather, six or seven shirts, a couple pairs of pants, three pairs of dress shoes, eight new ties, and a belt, some socks too.
I figured it was time to start looking and acting the part of a magician.
I am excited to look nice and to have many colors and styles to choose from. In the past, I only had one suit jacket and a vest to wear, and I changed the "look" by changing my shirt, tie and pants...
But now I have an arsenal of clothing. It was quite an experience, one I hope every man gets the opportunity to enjoy!
I picked out a purple suit jacket to set myself off a little from the idea that I am wearing a business suit, also I bought a Tuxedo, but I still think I want to get one with tails...
I felt a little bad about spending all this money when so many I know are struggling. A friend of mine pointed out that this economy needs people spending too, so I felt a little better, but still, this is something I have never done.
It feels good though!


Blogger Gerry Adams said...

Wow Tim, looks great. I'll have to get myself some decent clothes someday. I don't really have a need to look that nice right now though. I just banked by payoff money to make up for the increased medical costs which start next year.

5:45 PM  

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