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Monday, July 24, 2006

Renting movies beware

Recently the wife and I rented the movie "The Family Stone." What a big disappointment! Hollywood is true to form with their Pro Lesbian and Gay agenda, Shoving their valueless amoral views on an unsuspecting audience. When will it end? You go to the video store to rent a movie, a comedy. No where on the back of the DVD case is there anything about there being a gay plot. So you take a chance and WHAM, UnHollywood nails you again. These idiots think being homosexual is normal, Well let me tell you, It is not normal. Men having sex with men is not normal. It is disgusting and always has been and always will be. Homosexuality is an abomination(Abhorrence; disgust. A cause of abhorrence or disgust) to God! The ironic thing about it is the liberal left shoves it down everyone's throat as if that somehow will make it normal, they preach that evolution is a fact and yet if evolution were true, homosexuality doesn't work. Think about it. Most people could care less if someone is homosexual, until that is they decide to ram it onto us as normal. No one cares that someone is homosexual, it's when they want to teach our children that it is a normal alternative lifestyle. And they then won't allow any debate on the subject. Funny, but if you have a differing opinion you are labeled a bigot(One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.) Doesn't that actually tell the story of homosexual left?! They are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with their one sided point of view. Now you are considered to be hate mongering. They think by calling you names and making you defend yourself that somehow that will cloud the issue and the fact that they are wrong and in the wrong!
My 22 year old son was asked by my wife and I to spend a day with his 13 year old sister hiking and going to dinner and getting a movie. You know, all good bonding things that create positive relations in the family. The wife and I were going out to dinner and enjoying her 30th high school reunion. The movie they rented is rated pg. It was the movie "kicking and screaming" A comedy, but as usual, UnHollywood decides to put in a homosexual couple, two lesbians who have apparently adopted a child from overseas.... Expecting the gullible people who rent them to "just go along' and get used to the idea that homosexuality exits and is normal.
While I am certainly a sinner and do not want to stand in judgement of others, I too am aware that sin is sin and must be addressed as such. Jesus did not condemn the adulterous women, but He also said to her in John 8:11 "go and sin no more." Seems to me we all want to forget that part.


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