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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Session at Scottys'

Went to the session tonight at my friend Scotty Walsh' home... He had just arrived home when I showed up. His friend Clifton was there and we sorta relaxed into a two man session and Clifton provided spectator support as well as feedback. Clifton had just arrived from out of state, a long day for him. He is mastering yo-yo work.
We began by doing a few card sleights, I am working on Elmsleys' "ever change count." I shared it with Scotty and mentioned it is something that I am planning on using in conjunction with the MacDonalds aces cards. While not doing Macs' aces, but it is a great count to show five cards, then the ace vanishes, and now you show four, cards so the ace really did physically vanish. In Macs' aces when the ace vanishes, you still have four cards, so it is really a transposition. Another card takes the place of each ace, so to speak...
I have been trying to develop a "cull". We worked on the "Cull" for several minutes. It will someday be a great addition to my card control repertoire!!!
Scotty shared with me some vital work on the dribble to secure a break and some great tips for the Zarrow shuffle, now all I have to do is..... PUT IN THE TIME AND EFFORT!!!
I shared the Stones of Tutankhamen with Scotty and Clifton, we discussed possible patter lines and their importance. The natural relaxed nature of speaking in a normal manner, drawing the audience in with your patter as you make it your own. Also, I went into the routine of Gallos' with the Ball & Vase, but I am using a different set of balls and using patter that I picked up from my friend Doug Gorman from San Antonio, whereby you use pool balls, basically the eight ball and nine ball. The patter here lends itself for a more natural relaxed storyline for me...
All In due time, I suppose!
Scotty is interested in getting some large 14 inch linking rings. I brought out my set. They are 13 and 1/4 in diameter. Scotty played with them for a bit, and I did The legend of the Five linking rings. I did it with no patter. Scotty was impressed at how far I've come with the routine. I twas nice to hear some positive feedback. Actually, It was GREAT!
He mentioned that I MUST put them into my routine, I said I don't know where to fit it in as the Linking Rings is such a powerful piece of magic it should go at the end. I have the Cups & Balls at the end.... Ah, the trials and tribulations of performing!
Scotty mentioned that he would like to develop three separate acts/routines. I feel the same way. I mentioned that I would like to develop a routine for children in the hospital. It would need to be just a few minutes of strong close up magic that wouldn't require too much from the child as they are injured and or drugged up.
We played with the acrobatic knot a bit, Scotty brought out his set he made and hasn't used in a long time. I love to see him perform, he is so easy going. I would like to become more relaxed like that! Sweet! I was able to give him a bit of help in a stronger ending. Don't know if he will take the time to work it out though...
His girlfriend Gina arrived about 10 PM. And she is always a bright, positive addition to the scene! I owed her a trick from two weeks ago that we discussed but I didn't have the props with me. I dug them out of mothballs and performed the jumping gems routine I learned ages ago...
I also performed ring, rope and wand with her ring. Blew her away! Thank you very much!
This brought up the subject of performing magic in the sense of what is strong magic and wha tis not. You see, the hot rod and jumping gems might be considered by some magicians as "slum" magic, or magic that is "less' than real magic. (Whatever that is)....Anyway, we came to the conclusion that it is performance style, being entertaining, involving your audience in an engaging presentation that is most important.
Next week looks good as we are discussing sponge balls and sponge rabbits.
I think the dinner will be on me!


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