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Friday, August 18, 2006


A scary thought that... Thinking.... :0
Recently at work a new development has kept me busier...Many of my friends know that I spend a lot of time watching magic DVD's' to learn magic while I am at work... But recently the Seattle field has been shut down for re paving and this has sent a surplus of employees over to Renton field where I work. I have reconnected with several fellow employees that I haven't seen in years. It is funny because I now have a fresh set of victims er, I mean audience members to practice and show my magic to... One such fellow is Frank David. I knew Frank about 20 years ago when I was in the Amway business, I sponsored him and was the best man at his wedding...
Things change and we parted ways. Mainly because of work related things, like transfers... He arrives in my office at about 5:20 A.M. and I leave at about 6 A.M. so recently I blew his mind with some card tricks... Zingone for sure and the Biddle trick as well...
The next day I did some coin tricks for him and scared him with Michael Ammars coins across where the final coin appears in the spectators hand. But I must say that the cups and balls really blew his mind. I have been wondering about what the spectator can see in my pouch when they are basically right next to me. Frank got up and stood practically on top of me. Not having any oranges for the final loads, I used baseballs. Still freaked him out. I think I need to trust in my magic and my abilities and get out and perform... Have fun doing it!
Well, I drove home from work feeling pretty good about myself, (pat on the back)... I am realizing slowly that I have a lot to offer magically, and I know more tricks than I think, Weird!

Thanks to all who have given freely of their time and talent in my life!


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