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Monday, August 14, 2006


A lazy Monday after a long Sunday. Sometimes the weekends are tough as I stay up from Thursday afternoon til Friday night, about a 30 hour run so I can sleep Friday night and turn my schedule around to be with the family for the weekends... Get up Sunday Morning about 9;30 am and stay up til about 7 am on Monday, another long sleepless run of about 20 plus hours... Monday and Tuesday I recuperate. My wife enjoyed her day at Coulon Beach with her mother and sisters, leaving me and Katie to fend for ourselves. I fired up the Green egg Hibatchi and cooked pork chops. The Hibachi we salvaged from her fathers garage. We think it is from the 1960's. It was still wrapped and tied as if it had just been shipped over from Japan. I have been doing research on them via the internet... Can't wait to become better informed about how to use it and some great recipes!


Blogger Tom said...


Grub looks great! New Grill? Digging your blog. . . great way to keep up.



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