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Friday, August 18, 2006


Wow, how the water can beat you up! I fished yesterday on Lake Washington with my friend Ed, I got home around 9 pm... Went to work at 10:30 pm... Left work at 5 am to fish in Puget sound... The water was choppy and it was windy and difficult to keep your boat going straight and hooking up your fishing line was a chore... I was already tired but wanted to go for it, well I got home and CRASHED.... This old body finally realized its age! Hahaha...
May go again tomorrow...

I wanted to share a fun BBQ/outdoor party game with anyone reading this... It's called Ladder golf or Bolo toss.. I saw this game in a magazine awhile ago and thought it would be fun, I never got around to building it though, Then last month I saw it again while vacationing over near Lake Chelan, Wa... Here is a photo of it...You need three sets of bolos per individual or team, you toss the bolos at the ladder and score by landing it on a rung, the rungs are numbered one pt. Two pts. Or three pts.. Your opponent can cancel your scores by landing on the same rung. You play to 21... It was more fun than it looks and easy to make...For more info google search "ladder golf or bolo toss". My set I made cost less than 20 dollars..


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