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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I had my doubts. My neighbor has been telling me about his friend, Sinshay (SP) from Korea. And how he has been slaying the Sockeye in Lake Washington, Fishing by the Stan Sayers pits, that is where the Hydro races are run from.... No one fishes there, at least not many boats as far as I could see... I had been fishing in the "customary" spots... Around all the other boats, like a great big freeway at rush hour... Yesterday I went out to Puget Sound and caught two nice Blackmouth Salmon, lost a couple as well, that means that the fish are showing... So I wanted to go back to Puget Sound today, But my daughter wanted to try where Sinshay (SP) has been nailing them, I have never met this man so I was skeptical. We started fishing at about 3:15 this afternoon and my wife joined us on the boat... We were trolling along and BAM! Fish on! My daughter grabs the fishing rod and I start going crazy getting ready to help her land the fish when the other rod goes BAM! Fish on! My wife grabs that one and all hell breaks loose, I net my daughters and struggle to get the hooks out of the net, just in time to net the fish my wife is fighting! Yahoo, A DOUBLE!
We fished until about 8 pm and headed home with Six Salmon! Thanks Sinshay (SP)!!!
By the way, the one in the middle is a silver!


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