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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Week in revue

Been a few days since last I posted, been busy.
Tuesday, normally magic session night didn't work out. Like God had a hand in it. I have been thinking about joining Life Choices. A Christian group dedicated to helping pregnant women. Mostly those ladies that have no one and nothing. Most of them are young, unwed, and at the end of their rope. Father of the child nowhere in sight. The area I am interested in is their SHARE program. This involves speaking to youth about HIV, STD's and abstinence. Life Choices is a non profit organization that gives these women free ultra sounds. They are the nemesis of UN Planned Parenthood, yeah, I know, they really call themselves Planned Parenthood. But really, the majority of their clientele is women who did not plan on getting pregnant, an UN PLANNED situation. Most of their money comes from giving women abortions. They give ultra sounds but generally don't let the women see the ultrasound (so I have heard). I guess if you never see your baby in your womb, it is easier to not think of IT as a Live human being. No money in it!

Anyway, it was an interesting meeting. I think there were six women learning to volunteer and one man, me! I think it is important to teach the message of abstinence so that we can curb this epidemic of unwanted pregnancy. So many women are involved and I feel that young men should and need to hear from men.
After the meeting, I went to work and an interesting thing happened.... I received a call from my supervisor and he offered me a day job. Was this offer from God or Satan I thought! I mean, if I worked days, I would not be able to get seriously involved in the SHARE program! I t also meant I would have to get up at 4:30 A.M. every morning. I could see no value in going on day shift. I turned it down.

I golfed Friday morning at Sumner Meadows Golf Course. Been awhile since I got out golfing because I have been fishing as you know! Shot an 85, a good score for me! If my magic putter was acting normal... I think it would have been an 82... Always something!
Our Son Eric was scheduled to fly to San Diego Sunday evening, but we decided to get his car fixed up so he could drive it down there. It needed new half shafts. Not an easy or simple car project. Eric was up to the task. Funny though, he got them out o.k. but had trouble putting the new ones in. He was covered with grease, our neighbor Andy came over to help him but still no luck getting the dad blasted shafts back in.... That's because Shucks sold him the WRONG ones. Man I hate that. They should have to pay you for your time loss! Well, he got the right ones and in they go!
Put new brakes on as well and he drove to California leaving at 3:45 p.m. on Saturday. As I write he is about there! Long drive all by himself.
Eric, Dad, and Ryan 9-7-06

Saturday at noon we hosted a luncheon at our home for our pastoral candidate and his family and several members from our church! Our pastor retired 9 months ago...
Our #1 candidate, Bill Vincent arrived with his wife and son from Kansas. We treated them magnificently and I think we have a great shot at him pastoring our church!
I did a few card tricks for him and his family and others at my home. For some reason I was very nervous. I hate that. I did three tricks, Jazz Aces with a Twist, Tricky Wallet, and Zingone 12 card Mental problem. The tricks worked great, but I wasn't so smooth. Pastor Bill and his family were treated to Vinces Pizza on Thursday. A magician had arrived and performed some tricks for them. This opened the door for some friends to tell them about me and my magic. I spoke with my friend Todd who was there and asked him if he "tipped" the magician? He said, "no, should I have?" I said, "was he any good, were you entertained?" His reply was, "yeah."
I educated Todd about how the man wasn't a beggar but a performer, and if you felt that he was worth a couple bucks, to offer it, he might turn it down as he may be paid from the establishment. I tell all this to share this... Pastor bill pulled out a dollar at the end of my Zingone 12 card Mental problem which I performed for his 15 year old son! He had heard from Todd about our conversation. It was a funny moment! I thought it was great and mentioned that he was giving it because of the conversation with Todd. He admitted as much and we all had a good laugh. BUT, I accepted the buck and asked him to sign it. I told him it is my first earnings as a magician and I will frame my FIRST DOLLAR!!!
my first earnings as a Magician!
Pastor Bill preached his first sermon for us Sunday (today). It was a good sermon! He also gave us a bit of his personal testimony.
Pastor Bill Vincent
I'm excited about the future of Skyway church!


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