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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Something to think about

I wasn't planning on posting today, but, well... I sat down and watched the 9-11 commission report last night. My 13 year old daughter joined my wife and I... After it was over our daughter was very visibly upset. She was angry, mad an scared.
I remember having those same feelings as a kid when we had the air raid drills in school and when reminded of nuclear threats. It was all about bomb shelters.
Wondering if you would get to grow up. What a crazy world we live in. America has the muscle to neutralize this threat in one fell swoop, but we restrain ourselves. We hand cuff ourselves by being foolish and politically correct. Absurd that we do not racially profile. Our airports are no more secure than before 9-11-01. Who is the threat from? Muslims. But we don't want to call it what it is. A religious jihad, that means holy war in case you might be wondering. The radical Muslims want to kill YOU and ME! We might offend someone! Wouldn't want to offend anyone now would we. Well, I am offended at the deliberate stone walling foisted on us by organizations like the ACLU. They hide behind their own self righteousness while they undermine America. Allowing the terrorists complete access to our country and rights while not deserving of either. They go to bat for the enemy every time.
When I was a child and I did something to hurt my big brother, he IMMEDIATELY pounded me one! I knew not to mess with him. America is said to be the "big brother" of the world at this time in history. America was slapped, and slapped hard. As the big brother, we should have pounded them one and let them know not to mess with us. But instead, we tie our own hands with laws and regulations that only affect honest people. The enemy does not "play" by a certain set of rules, yet we want to show our humanity and wonderfulness, worrying about what the rest of the world might think of us. What a crock! Hit em fast and hit em hard I say. Let me spell it out for you, make a glass parking lot out of them! We have the power but not the will. We are a nation split. The Bible says a house divided against itself cannot stand!(Mark 3:24)
President Lincoln said the same thing in his "House Divided Speech."
The terrorists are counting on this. We are in radical times facing a radical enemy. It is time we fought in a more radical fashion. Basically, we should obliterate them! But that is just one mans' opinion. Or is it?
The political correct police want you to think that they are protecting your rights by not allowing the govt. To tap certain phones or record certain things or profile certain individuals. Ha, have they/we been duped! It is only criminals that fear such things. The ACLU fears such things. Does that make them criminals? I could care less if my phone is tapped. Or my p.c. monitored. I have nothing to hide. Sure, I might not like it but at a time of war, certain things must be done to ensure public safety.
We ain't doin them.
So, as you go to bed each night with fear in your heart, remember, it doesn't have to be this way.


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