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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Americans Shame

I find it terribly odd that in our country today, a country at war... That we walk around doing nothing in support of the war. No draft, no posters proclaiming "loose lips sink ships" nothing... We just go about our merry way as if everything is hunky dory. We attend all the sporting events as if they really are important. The Washington Huskies quarterback is out for the season. Oh NO! The Seattle Seahawks won a squeaker against arch foe the St. Louis Rams. Their heralded defending most valuable player, out indefinitely. OH No!
We cheer for these people we've never met. Most of them don't even live in our city.

We don't see any men and women in uniform walking the streets, or attending ball games. As though somehow we are ashamed of them and this war. How utterly sad and absurd. We Americans act like a two year old child that hides behind his own hands, thinking, now you cannot see me, because I cannot see you!
Ten soldiers died today is a "HUGE" loss. And I am not down playing that. But think people, In the war to end all wars, the first World War over SEVEN MILLION men in uniform died, civilian casualties were impossible to count! The American death toll was 58,480 with 189,955 wounded that we know of.
The men came home as heroes and wore their uniforms proudly in public.
Same thing happened in World War II.
But not in today's America, where political incorrectness rules the day. We are taught by our own people that we are bad. We are the aggressor. America is a filthy rich undeserving nation trying to ram their moral onto the rest of the world. Forget the facts, just pass the popcorn sister!
America is the greatest country on the face of the planet. We are the ones who send humanitarian aid throughout the world, especially through our churches. The corporate world and the secular world does extremely little in this area unless it somehow benefits them.
Heaven forbid you ever see a man or women in uniform except on a military base, don't those people know their place?!
Instead of pride we shun them. Fools! Counsel with a fool and what will that make you!? Fools! Biting the hand that feeds you, the very hand that allows you your feeble existence!
How did this happen? That we would turn our backs on ourselves.
It happened because we handcuffed ourselves in Vietnam. Our soldiers were the best (still are) in the world, but we handcuffed them in their jobs. We quit the field, much like Roberto Duran in his "no mas" fight with Sugar Ray Leonard. Duran wasn't tired, he wasn't beaten. He was fed up with the dancing of Leonard. He wanted to fight him, but Leonard stayed away.
We are doing the same thing in this war. America and YOU were attacked for no reason other than you are not a Muslim. You are rich and extravagant. I find it ironic that the richest and most extravagant in our country, the Hollywood crowd, and the lawyers, are the most against America and the war. They are the very people who benefit the most from the America others built for them to live and thrive in.
They scream and yell in the name of freedom, while disallowing others the same freedoms. Political correctness rules their day. As long as they get to determine and define what that political correctness shall be.
They smile in your face, all the while they want to take your place, THEY BACK STAB YOU! Funny thing is the back stabbers are you! Yes, You. Who you vote for, or don't vote for. In your ignorance, you/we allow this nonsense to continue. The issues you don't really understand but that are packaged so you think it is a benefit to you when actually it is stealing from you. Stealing your pride, desire to win and get ahead. Let the government fix everything. Problem is... The government is broken. WE/YOU/I allowed this. How? When?
When you weren't looking. Watching the one eyed monster, the idiot box, being a boob in front of the tube, yeah, I mean television, er helevision.
There is so much nonsensical garbage on t.v. to pollute your precious mind, and you aren't even aware of it. The opiate of the masses. The brainwashing machine to beat all brain washing machines.
Brain dead, you sit in front of it, staring at moving images that have no meaning in your life except to drain you of your life. GET UP! MOVE! Brain dead, watching sitcoms, (Animated sitcoms at that)and sporting events, (I'm Guilty on that one)Dead at age 25, waiting for your body to catch up at 65...
Can't speak the truth because they say, "truth is relative."
Who the hell are "they?" Aren't you and I, part of the "they?"
Not if you don't find your voice!
Get up I say! Do something! Get excited about YOUR life. No one else will if you don't!
We could end this war in a heartbeat if we became focused on it! But we are more worried about our local politicians and their latest lies to get elected. We should stop all the sports games, and kick the enemies behind. NOW! but no, how would that make us look? Do I have a hair out of place? Are my fingernails clean and trim?

OH, And the next time you run into someone in the service, or someone who served in the past, extend your hand to them in thanks and gratitude!


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