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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Focus, Focus, Focus

Scotty said he would be unable to host a magic session tonight, so I was left scrambling around to try to find one or make one or???
I was in contact with Solomon Notik and we decided to get together at the Starbucks near his home, about that time I heard back from Jose and he wanted in on the fun. Well, I picked up Solomon at 7:30 and headed to Starbucks, they were closing at 8.
Before we arrived Solomon presented me with a gift. A magic book called "Ultimate Street Magic." By Gary Sumpter... Thanks Sol....We called Jose and headed to the Denny's in Renton. We started the session with Sol giving each of us a paper to read and jot down the magical effects we can do technically, the ones we can do all around anytime, and the ones we are working on that are new.
This lead us into a magical discussion as to what is important to spend the majority of ones time on. So often, we as magicians are so busy accumulating new material that we never polish or become proficient at anything! This was an exercise in focusing on our magic, becoming honest in our own self appraisal, and ruthless with our time management!
Having done that we worked on a few sleights for real world card magic. Solomon then demonstrated the art of misdirection on two unsuspecting Denny's workers. Needless to say he floored them. They were awestruck, they invited another gentleman to witness the magical miracles that Sol is capable of. Finally I did a couple of card effects as well and they too were received favorably.
Here is an email I received from Jose a few minutes ago, I think it speaks for itself as to why and what we are trying to accomplish!

As many times as we've spoken about smaller focused sessions, I think I've learn more tonight than in the last half dozen sessions. The smaller sessions work for me. I know a few tricks somewhat well, but know many more half-assed. It's time that I spend the time necessary to learn them well. The presentation tips of looking outwards towards your audience and not at your cards will help me immensely.

I especially enjoyed watching the both of you entertain the restaurant help. Unlike at session, when magicians are there to critique the effect, I enjoyed seeing the enjoyment of the audience.

Let's try your idea of a focused session working on only one effect and learn it inside out

Now that's what I'm talking about!


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