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Monday, October 23, 2006


I remember when I was a young workin man, oh, about 28 years ago. The weekends were the most exciting of times! Couldn't wait for Friday to roll around, it meant goin out on the town with my lady friend (who later became my wife)...
This last Friday, I got off work at 6 a.m. and met my friend Solomon for an early morning magic session. I picked him up at his home and we drove to the nearby Starbucks.
It was good to see my young friend and session with him. Solomon has fantastic chops and I can learn a ton from him. It is funny though, that if you are open minded and ready, you can learn something from everyone. I shared with Sol the new trick I have been working on called "Mind Reader." I am always surprised when I get to slay one of my magical mentors. It was so wonderful to be able to give back something!
Sol called me up later when I got home and we went over the effect in deatail. His excitement was palpable. During the session I enjoyed watching and learning from Sol as he did some real world card magic with some Starbucks patrons. Rather than get caught up in the tricks, I watched how Sol conducted himself, his mannerisms. It was a nice opportunity to learn. We discussed the realm of entertaining, not just being able to "do a trick."
It was a nice one on one session.
Thanks Sol...

Saturday was pretty much a lazy day, although I did get the lawn mowed and the hottub cleaned. Watched a thrilling Huskies loss in overtime! Washed the car too...

Sunday of course was a day of rest! Went to church with my family and heard a good sermon about being and staying as a child in Christ. Keeping the wonder in our lives and in our walk with Jesus. I like to try to apply the lessons learned in Church to my everyday life. In magic, it is important to keep the wonder as an entertainer as well as to try to help the audience get the wonder back in their lives. We are so beat up by the world around us that it is often difficult to remember the awe and wonder we had as children, how sad!
Spent some time after church rehearsing for some upcoming events....then...
Took my wife and daughter out to dinner at the Keg restaurant in Kent. It was my wifes 29th birthday again... we enjoyed good food and a good time out! Happy Birthday Joan, I love you! Thanks for the many great years!


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