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Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Day Today!

Katie is FINALLY getting a dog today!!! YAHOO! YIPPEE!
We are picking up a five month old Australian Shepherd this afternoon. For the last several days we have been going over to the owners home and taking the dog for a walk, trying to acclimate the hound to Katie. It is a nice way to do it as the dog is five months old and very much into it's pack. Just taking the dog out of it's environment and placing it into another home is quite traumatic for dogs. So, this has been good, besides, the animal had not ever been attatched to a leash before. These are a very smart breed I'm told!
It's going to be interesting as we learn to adjust to the dog as he learns to adjust to us.

Photo's from yesterday when we took "Cub" for a walk!


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