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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday Night Session

Jose opened up his home for a session last night. In attendance were Mark Storms, Isaac Louie, Jose Floresca, Randy Sill and yours truly.
Tom Frank was their in spirit as you can see. If you look closely you just might be able to make him out sitting in the chair!

Mark brought several sugar packets, so we all worked on a nice trick dealing with a signed quarter from a sugar packet.

Mark is intersted in improving his technique and repertoire as it relates to impromptu magic. Things you can do on a spur of the moment.

Isaac came up with a couple of great paperclip moves or routines that fit nicely into this category.

Isaac never fails to amaze us with his depth of knowledge. He finds stuff to share that is buried somewhere deep inside from his vast amount of reading as a youngster! He came up with a great paperclip onto a spinning quarter. We all loved it, and now he thinks he will "write it up." Right on!
He also shared with us something called the Sylvester pitch. It ain't easy but it was fun to watch us newer magicians trying it out! Haha! Needless to say the quarters were landing on the floor quite a bit!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice bang ring monocle, Tim!

I had a great time at the session.


3:28 PM  

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