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Thursday, January 18, 2007

With The Professor

Couldn't sleep yesterday. Woke up early at 11 a.m... three and a half hours into the snooze. I had the professor on my mind. Professor Gizmo that is. I had scheduled an appointment with the good professor for Wednesday night. It was quite a drive to his place. 44 miles thru sleet and rain and snow... No kidding! We had a blast.
Professor Gizmo has been street performing for many years and has written a street performing book. He also works his brand of magic at street fairs and the like.

I enjoyed his mentoring and also in sharing a few things with him. I believe teaching is a two way street and that the teacher often learns more than the pupil. Gary isn't really a mentor to me, I just look up to him and admire him for his working the streets and his longevity! We Talked about such inane things as clothing you wear while performing. Performing styles. Personna and much more. We did magic for each other.
Made a few trades of magical ideas and magical props and learning tools. We basically just got to know each other a bit better. It Was a nice one on one session. I needed it. It helped kindle the artistic flames a bit! I hope it was good for Gary as well!

And now a word from my sponsor... After the session I worked my way out of his snow covered driveway and made it to work on time. Good thing too because I immediately had a mobile crane job. I had to put a replacement stabilizer under the fin of a 737. I don't get to drive the mobile crane very often. Probably haven't driven it in the last two years. It is intricate exacting work putting airplane parts on the airplane with the crane. All went well! The best part was running into an old Friend named Bob Newton and another hook tender named Lyle. I had the opportunity to share my magical talents with them. I got on a roll and had a blast, so did they!


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