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Thursday, January 11, 2007

White World, Bout time!

Yesterday the snow finally arrived! I've always loved the snow. I think it must be the little kid in me... Snow always meant missing school! Yeah Baby! It never snowed during summer break! Snow meant sledding with your friends and snow ball fights, snow men, snow angels and hot chocolate when you got home from playing! Wet clothes hung up to drip and dry! We never had enough money for everyone to have gloves so we wore socks on our hands to make snow balls and play in the snow... A roaring fire in the fire place, no air tight wood burning stoves with electric blowers, just a roaring fire and we all took turns sitting around it! Ah the memories! I remember when I was sixteen and had my first car... We put chains on the tires, tied a rope to the door handle, and I pulled my friends around on skis while they held on tight to the rope! One of the chains broke loose and beat the hell out of the fender well of my car! Whenever I saw that thrashed fender... I remembered the fun in the snow!
Another thing we loved to do was something we called "hooky bobbin"... A truck would go by and we'd run to catch it and grab onto it's rear bumper and go for a free tow. We tried to make sure they never knew we were there,,, what a blast!

Just about two weeks ago some birds were eating berries from a bush in our front yard. Wonder where those birds are today?! Have to warm the berries up in their mouths no doubt!


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