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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rails are up!

Woke up three hours early again today....
Got the rails up on the back fence today... Sweet! The fencing project is coming along. Most of the back breaking work is finished. No more digging! Yahoo! Had seven bags of 80 pound post mix to return. Never had bought it in 80 pounders before, always used 60 pounders, guess I had a few too many! Drop them off at Home Depot today and pick up the fence slats. Get them nailed up and that's 98% done! At least in the back. Still figuring out the chain link on the South side of the yard. Need to use the comealong to stretch the fabric. That's what they call chain link fencing, Fabric. Pick up a new gate and the end will be in site! Then back to working on the interior of the homestead! Finish up the floor molding and a bit of painting still to do.
Finally got our Mens Bible study back in gear. It has been awhile, but last night we had our study in Romans 8:17-39. We had a new member and all was very enthusiastic. We ended the evening in a lively discussion about Gods fore knowledge and predestination. We will be tackling this thorny issue in two weeks at the next Bible study.

Dale, Jean and their daughter Jeni came over Friday night for a hamburger BBQ.(Chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!)

We enjoy their company and they got to meet the new addition to our family. Cub!
Dale and Jean are a good audience for me to test out new magical feats of wonder on. Jean seems always ready to giggle and Dale is always ready with a nice big smile. I performed the Anniversary Waltz for them as I think I may perform it at our nephews wedding next Saturday. They both liked it, a lot.
We all had a good evening. My wife returned her walker today and is getting along pretty good with her walking cast. It is nice to shed the crutches and have her almost back a hundred percent!


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