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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Drop & Give Me 50!

Haven't felt much like writing lately... I had to work the weekend, the money is good but sometimes I wonder if it is worth it! Time is becoming more important to me as I get older. I once heard someone say, "when you are lying on your death bed, are you going to wish you worked more overtime and had more money, or are you going to wish you would have spent more time with your family and friends?" Pretty obvious which one makes sense!
Spent the weekend outside of work with our new dog "Cub." He is a five month old Australian Shepherd. He is a new addition to our family and it is going to be an interesting time with him. Our daughter has a very tender heart and felt bad having to put Cub b into a kennel while she went off to school. The kennel is in her room. So, instead she thought since the dog was so wonderful all weekend that he would be wonderful when no one was around. She decided that Cub would be alright by himself in her room alone and not in his kennel.(prison, she called it)It's a good thing Joan went to check on him because young Cub was only left alone for an hour and a half and made a pretty nice mess of things. So, now we think Katie has learned a valuable lesson without too much pain.
Eric sent a nice photo the other day, see if you can figure out who he is with!


Blogger John the Magicguy said...


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Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Hi John. Yep, Eric ran into him at the PX.

1:44 AM  

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