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Monday, March 19, 2007

Recent happenings

Had a wonderful Bible study last Thursday. It was really in depth. We are studying the book of Romans. I think Romans is probably the meatiest book in the Bible. We have some interesting discussions in this book. It is not enough to simply read the book of Romans. It requires study and thought. The question arises about predestination and Gods foreknowledge about who is going to be saved and who will not. Does foreknowledge mean He fore chooses? Or, do we choose for ourselves although He, God already knows what we will choose? I think God puts sticky questions like this in His word so that we will diligently seek Him.
The study included many questions revolving around some members mothers as they are in ill health. The men are doing their best to care for their moms at this difficult time. My friend Dale's mother passed away about two years ago and Dale had her living with him and his family for the last year or so before she passed away. This was a heavy burden on him and his immediate family and also caused some problems between him and his brothers...
Dale made a rather enlightening comment about it. He said,"She didn't put me in a home when I was a kid." This simple statement struck me like a bolt of enlightenment!
Think about the millions of children whose parents have put them in a home! What is going to happen to these enlightened parents when they are old and infirm and their childrens memories are of being raised by someone else in a daycare facility!!!
Wonder if they will think thoughts like, "my parents were too busy to raise and take care of me, so"....Probably not on a conscious level, but subconsciously??? Hmmm...

Friday is sometimes a very long day for me as I stay up all day. I did this last Friday, getting off work at 6 am and going golfing. I golfed with some work friends. We golfed 27 holes which is 9 over regulation. I got better as the day wore on. I made several amazing putts! My driver had a little extra kick in it as well. I hit a couple drives about 275 yards. That's a long way, especially as the weather is wet and I was not getting any roll. Later in the day Katie and I went shopping for her "mouse trap car" Parts.
I also went and rented a couple of movies for the evening. Joan and I watched the Illusionist Friday night. A very good movie. I especially enjoyed the "happy ending!" A nice climactic ending. The kind of movie that after it's over you go back over it in your mind to "see" all twists and turns that were hidden at the time!
Saturday we watched the other movie, The Prestige! Another fine movie that you must pay the utmost attention in order to understand the full significance of what is taking place. Very good with wonderful twists and turns. This movie is one in which you will immediately want to watch again to catch all the wonderful nuances that you miss the first time! Fantastic, and in the Alfred Hitchcock type of surprise ending!
Sunday we went to church and enjoyed a great sermon about servitude.
Later in the day Katie and I finished building her mouse trap car. It works! Hope it works during the race at school.


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