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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday Night

Here I sit all broken hearted... just kiddin'
A little out of sorts this week with a bad, sore back. I did golf friday with pastor Bill and some work friends. We had a good time at Riverbend. I shot an 87 and pastor Bill broke 100! :)(I ain't tellin which side of a hundred...)
He also made a nice chip in birdie on hole #3 with his 8 iron! Sweet! I had just birdied #2 with a long 60 foot bomb of a putt! Sweet! I stuggled off and on with my aching back. Funny, but if I swing the club correctly, no pain. That'l teach me!
I am working this weekend and wish I wasn't. The money is good but I am getting to the age where "time" is becoming extremely valuable.
The rain is gettin' old, summer will be here soon and pass too quickly...
Ahhhhh, I must be gettin old... needin some sunshine.


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