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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One week ago today

In answer to my friend Toms query:Feeling any better?

Yes I am... it is 3 am Tuesday, been a week since I slipped, and I think I am over the hump. I still ache a bit. It was as if someone had taken a baseball bat and slammmed me one good shot to the side. No broken bones, only muscle and fatty tissue bruised. Every now and then I am reminded that I hurt myself. I went jogging a bit today with the dog and all was good. But if I reach for something or bend incorrectly, it lets me know! I am planning on golfing this Thursday, guess that will let me know how my back is holding up.

How have you been? I read your blog and am enjoying your many adventures. I will be performing at next Monday night magic, May 14th... I kinda think I will do a two trick set in honor of....
My father in law, which means I will be presenting the Chinese sticks and in honor of you, my magical mentor, I will be performing the five mystic rings...


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