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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


My feelings are involved. My pride has been wounded. You think you are on the right path, in Gods will, and people get to decide that you are in or out. You spend three days in their training at a cost of about 800 dollars in lost work time and travel in traffic and gas money etc. Buying their books and then they reject your free willingness to give. It hurts in the heart and the mind. They tell you that during the class time you interrupted a lot. I thought it was an open forum type teaching class. I witnessed everyone speaking out. There were two men in the class, myself and a young fellow who NEVER spoke. He was there with his wife. (Ten women )It was kind of strange. All women. The training was done by 80% women as well. I am not against women teaching at all. I just felt a strong call that we need some men teaching about these "delicate" subjects as well. I have some training speaking in front of people. Having actually been in the Amway business and sponsoring over ten people. Going into strangers homes and speaking. Try that, it will get your adrenaline up. Doing several magic shows for family and friends and some others. Teaching/coaching sports for many years.
I think the people at SHARE are afraid of my strong outgoing personality. I don't blame them. They have been burned in the past. Besides, I can be blunt and abrasive, although I think I can also tone it down and teach as well. Going into the schools where Satan rules is tough work. Having to "tow the line" and watch what you say is scary business. In our state especially where the teaching is all about condoms and the morning after pill. The government and planned parenthood and the A C L U don't want someone coming on their turf and speaking the truth about STD's and how great abstinence is and can be. There is no money in it. People that aren't pregnant don't need abortions.
I was told that I should maybe get into the youth group at my church and spend time teaching some things in that arena to get better equipped for going into the classrooms of our nation. I said that I don't know if I am willing to do that. It is a time commitment that I feel that I don't have right now.
I honestly believe I would be good for SHARE and have some great things to impart to the children of our society. I believe some strong men need be speaking out for abstinence to our youth. If I was able to reach just one young man or boy... to keep them from getting a young teen pregnant. It would be worth it.
I don't know what I am going to do with this yet. Pray for sure. God isn't done with me yet.


Blogger Solomon said...

Wow Tim. Truly made me emotional. Everyone knows the feeling of feeling so able yet not being given the chance to make a change. It's not like you are requesting money or anything, that's not what it's about. You simply want to help the society by affecting kids awareness of sex etc.

I think you have found your calling and don't EVER give up. A single person can make an enormous amount of change in this world.

I believe in you big boy! Go get em!

Your friend,

11:33 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Thanks Sol, so do I!

12:59 AM  
Blogger Solomon said...

Hey Tim! You aught to post more often. I'm checking every day and there's not a whole lot of new stuff.

11:17 PM  

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