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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Break Out Another Thousand (B O A T)

Dug my boat out of the garage again today, I say again because about a month or two ago, Ryan and I took it out on Lake Sawyer to test it out, the kicker wouldn't "pee" and the big motor decided to cause the low oil alarm to sound. I have no time for this, I ma not a mechanic, want me to cut wood and build something? I can do that!
So the boat went back into the garage and stayed their pouting, Maybe I was pouting...?
It got re-buried and today (yesterday) I dug it out again, Ran the big motor and it seems fine except that I need to change all the spark plugs. I'll do that tomorrow (today) and of course my kicker motor needs to have the impeller replaced, this is a bi yearly occurrence except this year it is a one year occurrence. There is no way to flush out the bottom of the unit. I am going to drill holes in the lower housing so I can periodically spray WD 40 in there. My neighbor Andy is a great mechanic and is helping me get this going.
I hope to be fishing on Thursday!


Blogger Ryan F said...

Save me a spot! I could use some pre-work fishing.

9:51 AM  

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