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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Travelin man...

Our son Ryan spent the last two weeks in the Philipines and Cambodia. He went there to teach children in the schools.
He said in an email:

Mi familia -

I have arrived at my final destination, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It has been much flying from the Philippines we spend one day and night in Bangkok, Thailand, and then early this morning we flew into Cambodia. I am a bit exhausted... we were at the airport at 5 am, and it is so hot right now that it takes a lot out of you.

I am having a great time though. We are all staying in a sort of "villa" with each of us having our own rooms. There is a family that owns it that is not there right now, but will be back later this week. We were able to go to a sister-church this morning almost as soon as we arrived. It was a lot of fun, but almost entirely in Khmer (the local language). The children here are so fun to see. They are so poor, but so excited that we are here. I am going to play some basketball with the boys and maybe teach them frisbee too.

Things are safe here. There is not much you have to worry about other than dodging motorcycles which are everywhere, and being careful of what I eat. I have not gotten sick yet, but I would say that my stomach is "on the edge." So pray that we will all stay healthy for the remainder of this trip. It would be pretty unbearable to have food poisoning over here in this heat. There is however a possibility of eating tarantula later... Maybe I will save that for our last night here.

Miyoko is doing great too. She says hi to everyone and will probably see you all when we get back.

With love,

The Khmer Rouge, the radical Marxists who controlled Cambodia for four nightmarish years from 1975–79, are infamous for their state-sponsored massacre of between 1 and 2 million Cambodians. They are also known for their impunity— in the two decades since the regime was toppled, not a single Khmer Rouge has been tried in a court of law.

Pol Pot, the regime's "Brother Number 1," has become, along with Hitler and Stalin, synonymous with brutal despotism. His death from natural causes on April 15, 1998, deprived the world of a sense of justice and closure to the Khmer Rouge era.

I am sure this was an intense time for Ryan and his entourage.


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