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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Top Ten of Military Golf Courses?

That's what the advertisement proclaims. I wonder how many years ago that was written?! Haha...
Me and the boys from work, my golfing buddies, made a long trek to the Fort Lewis Golf Course on Monday morning after work. I had heard this:

Fort Lewis Golf Course
Voted in the top ten of military golf courses by Travel and Leisure magazine, the Fort Lewis Golf Course is one of the best courses in Western Washington, and is open to the general public.

A treasure of the Pacific Northwest, nestled in the shadows of magnificent Mount Rainier, Fort Lewis provides the ideal setting for a memorable golf experience. With its impressive design and perfectly groomed layout, this 27-hole championship course features exceptional greens, manicured fairways and forgiving rough with tee boxes designed for all levels of golfers. Complementing the course.

I really don't know what is meant by the words "one of the best." Or who voted on the subject, or how long ago it was written.
But the course we played was in terrible condition. It has many very long par fours, with very tight, narrow fairways surrounded by tall trees lining the fairways.

That's all fine, but to also have postage stamp size greens that are not mowed, and the location of the cups looked to us like they haven't been moved in a week was pathetic.
The ad also says perfectly groomed layout, manicured fairways and forgiving rough...
HA! Maybe I'm just whining, but there was nothing forgiving about the tall wet rough and I saw lumpy greens, and brown grass around the cups which is indicative that the cups aren't frequently moved. Generally the cups are moved daily. Maybe it's because there's a war going on?
We all had a good time, but it was a struggle.
The ad did however get one thing right... It truly was a memorable experience! One I'll not be going back for seconds on.


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