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Friday, June 29, 2007

Golf is beauty

Golfed Monday at Druidsglen, shot a 92 I think, it was ages ago (four days)... I like the track at Druids... All the holes are unique and very picturesque, It is a tough track but fair and fun. I walked the course because I am trying to get into a little better shape. My friend Mike needs to take a driving cart because of knee problems. I had been riding with him lately. It is easier to golf because you get less tired but it doesn't help your stamina and the leg muscles get more atrophied. We played 27 holes and I did ride in his cart the extra nine. Other members of our foursome were John Mason and his Bro in law Ray. Beautiful day!
Also golfed yesterday at Elk Run. Shot an 88. Elk Run is a shorter track and allows me to think more on the course about club selection. I built some new irons (money from the sales of some clubs! Just for fun. I put steel shafts in these irons. I have been hitting irons with graphite but wanted to see if I could feel a difference.I assembled them with Bomber Reaction heads. These are like the Callaway irons. They were sweet. Felt like butter. I think I am turning to quickly with my lower body. I push sliced some balls to the right that felt like really solid hits. Hmmm...
Oh well, a never ending learning process.. I had some spectacular sand wedge shots out of bunkers, Three to be exact. That new sand wedge I built is really nice. Lot's of confidence with it. Can't seem to figure it out from the fairway though.


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