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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friday plus...

Friday was a good day. I spent several hours helping our neighbor Andy and his wife Nikki build a fence around their deck. They have become foster parents recently.
The state requires a full fence around their deck before they will allow them to put their above ground pool back up. I volunteered my services. It took about 5 hours on Friday and I finished the job (mostly) on Saturday. It turned out pretty nice.

Sunday after church it was another round at Joan's moms home, cleaning and getting things boxed up and moved out so the house can go up for sale. We are making progress, sometimes it seems like we aren't, but we are! More cool stuff has been found, more lighters and vases... books and tools. We basically have the garage cleaned out and are ready for an estate sale. I don't know what Joans dad was planning to do with all the stuff he aquired over the years while traveling as a navigator for several airline companies. Was he planning on selling this stuff? Or perhaps giving it to his children and their children?

I went fishing on Monday, My neighbor Andy and I went North to Possession Bar. I have never been to the Everett Marina. It is a nice marina. lots of room to launch and still waters because of the break water. A long boat ride to get to open water before you can let your motor run at full speed.
I got out of bed at 3:30 am. Banged on my neighbors door at 4. Made the long trek up to Everett. We started fishing about 6:30 am in Andy's 19 foot Bayliner...
It was a beautiful day as the sun came up, mountains all around us, the water was like glass...
took awhile to catch a legal fish. We released 5 dogfish
and several shakers, a nice maybe 3 lb. Blackmouth that was not long enough. Finally I caught a small maybe three pound silver. Since it was the first legal (barely) fish of the year, in the cooler it goes. Maybe around 10 am, I hooked into about an 8 pound Blackmouth,

it was fun as it tried to escape, the wonder "zing zinging of the line as the fish fights for it's life, pulling line from the reel, all you can do is hang on... Most wonderful of feelings...
Andy netted the fish as it was a legal fish, meaning it was a hatchery fish.
Not long after that I hooked up again as I was letting the bait down on the down rigger. I was holding the rod so felt the hit, what a feeling! Joy surges thru you! I handed the rod of to Andy, a beautiful Coho, dancing and flying across the water about a hundred yards from the boat, we scramble to get the manual downriggers up, the net out etc. We land this fish and finish up the day by catching another nice silver about 11:30... My Blackmouth had a tag in it's head so the game checker cut it's head apart to retrieve the tag.
I really don't like having our catch checked. It's not like we took illegal fish or anything, It's just become a bother. They charge an arm and a leg to fish anymore, limit the fish you can keep, regulate you silly and then take up your time on the dock checking your catch. Really annoying.


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