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Sunday, July 22, 2007

For Your Efforts!

Yesterday, after I got home from fishing, my neighbor Andy saw me drive into our drive way, he came over to see my catch. Then he says, "hey, I got something for you". When he returns, he hands me this...
While building a fence for his deck, I had mentioned that it would have been nice to have a "sawsall". I guess he made a mental note of it!
Andy is an awesome mechanic, over the years he has helped me numerous times with my car troubles, not only mine but our boys too. I was more than happy to build this fence for him, I enjoyed it. I have some decent carpentry skills. Not saying I am a carpenter but maybe just above average?! It gave me great pleasure to be able to give back to Andy and his.
Thanks Andy! I will definitely put the saw to good use!


Blogger Ryan F said...

Good to see the blog rollin' again dad!

7:13 PM  

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