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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Into Every Life...

a little sunshine must fall!
I think the group of people I support wanted to poke a bit of fun my way! They nominated me....
Employee of the month! For June! Hahahahahaha..

You gotta be kidden... musta been the magic!
I performed at the Renton field Preflight Family Fun Day. It was a great show and I think it was much appreciated. Along with the "honor" of being employee of the month is a few nice perks. I received a certificate for 100 points to spend at the Boeing store, yes, Boeing has a store that they sell all kinds of trinkets with the Boeing logo. Blankets, watches, flashlights and much more...
I have been working for Boeing for more than 29 years and this is my second employee of the month. I got one back in 1984... let's see... 2007.... 1984... that's a 23 year gap, holy cow, by the time I get another one I'll be 71 years old and have 52 years with the company! OY!


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