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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Magic session at Denny's

Leslie Thyagarajan, the man from India! That's him, the gentleman I met earlier this year at Magic Monday. We met at Denny's in Renton last night to discuss magic and the like.

Leslie has been a magician and an artist for many years. It is interesting how we meet people in this life if we just take the time to notice them and say hello! I met him after performing at Magic Monday way back in March. He really enjoyed my cups and balls routine. He is a quiet man and generous. My friend Tom Frank would tell me, "Tim, there are two kinds of people in the world, givers, and takers. We both know what we are." Leslie is definitely one of the givers. I asked him if he still had some of the magic kits he gives out to the children he teaches magic. I offered to pay for a couple of them but he wanted to gift them to me. Sometimes we need to let people give us things. It is a graciousness to accept at times as well. People feel good in the giving. I am going to give the magic kits to a friends son who is interested in magic. Leslie has some great insights into performing for children. I have found that the magic I perform is more suited for the adult mind. I am trying to get more into performing for children. It is definitely a special person that can hold the attention of the wee ones. I'm not talking about playing down to them, they are smart and bright, intelligent people. It is just hard to keep their focus. It is hard to be "silly" with them sometimes when you have been working so hard to learn "serious" magic! Ha ha!
I look forward to watching some of Leslie's teaching in the near future. He thinks I am this great magician, maybe I am!? I studied under quite a magical character in Tom Frank!


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