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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In box

I read on your blog that your show went well. Congratulations. You're my hero. Here's a short video that might interest you. http://www.youtube.com/watch
My response:
Thanks, I enjoyed seeing Harry Riser,
How's your egg bag coming along?
I haven't touched mine...

Magic is funny, I have been getting rave reviews doing the Crazy mans handcuffs...
I did it for Ann Rule and floored her. She is a Seattle Author, I ran into her at Costco last Saturday.
I bought her new book "Too Late Too Say Goodbye." She autographed it for me with these words: "For Tim, You fooled me with your slight of hand."
Again, it was extremely satisfying to be able to share my "art" with her and others.
People at work have been coming out of the wood work asking to see "the rubberband trick."
Word is getting around.

I performed the Chinese sticks as my opening last Saturday. Monday at work I spoke with the coordinator of the whole Family day event and he wanted to know if "the frog hair trick" was videoed?
He wanted to "see" how it was done. As if watching a video would give it away. My point is that I find it fascinating that people get off on some of the simplest of tricks. Tricks and effects that we take for granted. I think it important to remember the amazement we had the first time we saw the effect!
I read a column on website I found at dazzlingmagic.com. It touched me to get out and start sharing my hard earned talents in magic, not that I am great or anything, but just to realize that I have something good to share with people, a way to connect with other humans that we share this Earth with. You never know what is going on in the lives of your audience how you can impact them.


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