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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to the Sea...

No rest for the old man of the sea..

Katie and I fished Redondo today, My friend Dan has been emailing his fishing reports daily... 19 lbs. 17 lbs. and on and on..

So we hit the water this morning. Got lots of "nibles" and finally got a few small fish. Started with a three lb Silver, then a 4 lb. Humpy, finished with a couple of five lb. Black Mouth salmon. Nothing big, but we had a geat time and Cub did too.

When we pulled up to the dock to take the boat out of the water, I jumped onto the dock, Cub wanting to get out of the boat, jumped into Puget Souind. Weird!

Going in the morning again because I got too. Saw some really nice 15-20 t pounders at the boat launch. We got the small ones, they got the big ones, Tomorrow? Who Knows!!!


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