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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Family Reunion

My cousin Cathy held a family reunion for Saturday.
I wasn't really looking forward to going. This would be family members from our mothers side of the family and could potentially include many relatives. Last year the final remaining members of my moms brothers and sisters passed away. This was the first attempt to get everyone together. The event was held at Lake Wilderness park which is about three good golf drives from my home. I had to work this weekend so I needed to sleep. I got up at about 12:45, took a shower and headed over to the park. Like I said, this isn't something I was looking forward to. Normally this type of thing is "right up my ally." But I haven't heard from any of my brothers or sisters since our brothers funeral, that's a span of about three months. Before that it had been seven months. I am very bitter towards them. I really don't care if I see them or not at this stage in my life. Not knowing if they would be there or not... My wife and I went, it was about a mile from my home, I really don't know why Cathy wanted to have it at Lk. Wilderness. Her family lives way up North in Marysville and Everett. Guess she might be trying to get my family some healing.???
I tried to have a good time but my heart wasn't in it. I got out of bed early, so I was tired. My older brother and sister were both there. Really could care less if I see them. My older brother dis owned me last October. His exact words were,"I dis own you as a brother." Our younger brother died May 23rd, about 3 months ago. I thought his funeral might open some doors and hearts but it doesn't seem so... Maybe they are waiting for me to approach them? I dunno...
Right now, I feel like it was a total waste of time.
I did get a couple of my cousins' email addresses so I can send them some pics I took. My niece Lindsay was there as well, she just got back yesterday from boot camp, she is now a United States Marine! OORAH!
Superman made an appearance at our reunion as well. He was hard to capture on film as he was moving faster than a speeding bullet and climbing tall buildings!
Remember being young and full of dreams!?

Anything seemed possible.
A friend of mine asked me if I performed any magic at the reunion. The mood wasn't right. (Or at least my mood) I didn't feel the "right vibe." I din't want the reunion to be about me. Maybe another time.


Blogger Tom said...

This too shall pass. . .

You got through the day, took some nice pics and were there.

Good job.

Miss you pal.

11:07 AM  

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