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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fishin W/Dan & holy Mackerel

My friend Dan the fisherman took me out on his boat yesterday... We flew across the Sound to Pt. Beal. He really wanted to fish at Redondo but put so much gas in his gas tank that he needed to burn some of it...
we fished Pt. Beal from 5:30 to 7:15.. no bites, nothin, we didn't have a good felling about it so we drove back to Redondo..
No sooner than you could say "fish on" and I had a nice Pink Salmon in the boat, Dan caught one right after that.. seems we might have missed the bite at Redondo... but all of a sudden my rod pops off and I got a nice big king on... well, at least that's what I think... This fish hit at 70 feet and peeled line so fast and furious that I was worried that It my "spool" me... I guess I needn't have worried because the beast kept right on running, somehow it had freed itself from the sticky hooks..
We'll never know, but the "big one" got away...
The sun was shining, the water was smooth and Dan was driving the boat, I mentioned to him that maybe we should go out to 200 feet of water and try a depth of 90 feet, he said, whatever you want... No sooner did I drop my line to 90 feet and bam, fish on!
I thought it was going to be another pink, but not so, a nice, bright 8 pound Black mouth!

Almost immediately Dan the fisherman gets a bite, something small, it doesn't trip the down rigger, he reels it in on the down rigger ball, releases the catch and what? What is that? A Mackerel, are you kidding me?! Never seen one before. I guess the warm water currents have brought them in, might even see some large sharks this time of year... dunta, dunta, dunta, dunta....


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