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Monday, August 13, 2007

New Times, Old Friends!

Saturday night, 30 year High School Reunion. Everyone had a great time, those that chose to attend. I heard we had about 80 alumni at the reunion. It was held at Gordons on the Green. Formerly known as Foster Golf Links in Tukwila.
Joan and I (The best looking couple there) arrived about 6:45 and it was fun to try to figure out who was who!
Good thing everyone had name tags on! It was a rather casual affair and went to midnight. It went by really fast. I was disappointed that more classmates didn't attend.

In my opinion, the men looked better overall than the ladies. (ooh, Ouch, did I say that!)
It was funny to watch some of the people still playing games with there appearances and their attitudes, not many, but a few...
Still it was great to see people and catch up on their lives.


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