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Friday, August 10, 2007

Reasons Why Fishing is Expensive

Took our daughter fishing today. We had a great time, Joan joined us at about 9:30.
Today we took our dog Cub too. It was his first time on a boat. He did really well.
We fished Redondo from 5:30 to 9:30. We caught one 4 lb. Blackmouth, barely legal. It was a costly fish however. It didn't hit the lure very hard. Not hard enough to pull the fishing line from the down rigger clip. I noticed that we had a bite and that it didn't hit hard enough to release from the clip. So, I jumped up and grabbed the fishing rod and yanked it upward, standard operating procedure in this instance, by yanking on the rod, usually the line will release from the clip and you are fighting the fish... not so this time, there was a LOUD CRACK as the rod broke in two! Katie couldn't help herself as she was astonished and began to laugh... meanwhile we had this fish on the other end. The broken end of the rod slid down the line stopping when it got to the flasher. Not much to do but keep reeling. It was difficult to control the fish because I had not tip for leverage and play. If it had been a large fish, I doubt that we would have landed her.
Notice the big smile on Katie's face!? That is because she is holding the fish and her NEW rod.
Earlier this week, on Monday while launching the boat, I jumped down from the dock to my boat trailer and my new cell phone jumped out of my pocket and landed in about four inches of salt water. I had no cell phone insurance.
Just another day in the life...
We fished Three Tree Point from 10 am to 12 and had a nice hit or two but they got away. I think they were pinks.


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